‘I Call It Natural’: What One White Separatist Claims Would Make A Better America

Source: Night Line / ABC News

At first glance, Matt Heimbach looks like a friendly neighbor, an always-smiling, 22-year-old college graduate who goes to church, and loves country music and drinking beer with his buddies.

But Heimbach is a white separatist who believes that the United States would be a better place if it were divided and went back to segregation. He has been called the future of organized hate in this country.

“Loving one’s people is natural,” he said. “Every other group is allowed to love their race for the best interest of their race. There’s no reason why whites shouldn’t.”

When asked if he considered himself a racist, Heimbach said, “Sure. So what? I call it natural.”

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  • Victor P. Muhammad

    Integration was the worst thing to happen to us as a people. A grand trick of depending on someone else