Incognito’s Rep: Martin’s Texts Just As Vulgar

Source: ESPN

The attorney for Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito fired back at Jonathan Martinon Thursday, saying Martin’s comments and texts to Incognito were just as vulgar as the ones sent to him.

“The coarse and unacceptable comments and text messages that were sent to Jonathan Martin were of the same poor taste as those sent by him,” attorney Mark Schamel said. “All of these communications were provided to Ted Wells and the NFL investigation. What they show is banter between friends, not bullying.”

Schamel alleges that Martin sent text messages to Incognito which “included threats to send someone over to Richie Incognito’s home with a ‘tranquilizer gun and sandpaper condoms’ to homosexually rape him” and “another that said he would ‘kill [Richies’s] whole family.'”

“Richie Incognito has owned his inappropriate comments, despite the fact that they were made in jest, and it is time for Jonathan Martin to do the same,” Schamel said.

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  • M. Mack

    This all is just sounding too much like a lovers spat. They need to come clean and let it out.