Leaked Documents Show NSA Could Tap iPhones, Apple Denies Involvement

Source: Jon M. Chang / ABC News

Newly leaked documents from the National Security Agency highlight Dropout Jeep, a piece of software that could target one of the country’s most popular devices — the iPhone.

According to documents published by the German news website Spiegel Online and dated Oct. 1, 2008, Dropout Jeep would give the NSA the ability to retrieve contact information, read through text messages, listen to voicemails and even turn on the iPhone camera and microphone.

The document goes on to say that while Drop Jeep was currently limited to installation through “close access methods,” the NSA would research ways to install the program remotely in future versions.

Security researcher Jacob Appelbaum presented the documents at the 30th Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, Germany. In addition to talking about Drop Jeep, he mentioned other leaked documents that highlighted other NSA spyware, and said that every attempt to implant such spyware on iOS devices would always succeed.

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