Marissa Alexander Remains Free On Bond; Judge Upset With Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

Source: Larry Hannan / The Florida Times-Union

A judge has ruled that Marissa Alexander can remain free on bond, although he made it clear that the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office erred in granting her too much leeway to leave home detention.

Assistant State Attorney Richard Mantei had requested Circuit Judge James Daniel to revoke her bond for going out shopping for clothes, driving family members to the hair shop and airport, getting a new driver’s license, visiting the bank and seeing a sister-in-law.

He said Alexander, 33, did all of this while she was on home detention, which prohibited her from leaving her residence except for court appearances, medical emergencies and to satisfy any requirements of her pretrial services program. She had been granted $200,000 bond just before Thanksgiving after getting a new trial in her aggravated assault case for firing a shot during an altercation with her husband, Rico Gray.

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