Maryland Officer Shot Son After Seeing Him Stab His Mother

Source: WUSA-TV / USA Today

GAITHERSBURG, Md — Police say an off-duty police officer shot and killed his son Wednesday after the 25-year-old stabbed his mother in their home.

Sgt. James Stirkens, a 27-year veteran of the Montgomery County Police Department, tells investigators he had to shoot his son to stop him from continuing to stab his wife. The son has been identified as Christopher Stirkens.

Police say James Stirkens was inside the house, off duty, when heard noises and found his son stabbing his mother, 53-year-old Denise Stirkens.

“There was some type of domestic dispute. The officer observed his son attacking his wife with some type of sharp instrument. Observed some type of stabbing motion. In an effort to stop this attack, the officer discharged his handgun and shot his son,” says Capt. Jim Daly with Montgomery County Police.

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    THIS IS 100% SHOCKING!!!!