MEDIAITE: Marine Corps Posts ‘Lone Shooter’ Message For MLK Day, Quickly Deletes

Source: Andrew Kirell / Mediaite

On Friday morning, the official account for the U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) attempted to make a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day reference in a tweet but failed miserably, leading to a deletion and uproar from its followers.

“Don’t be lone shooter #MLK weekend — make sure you’ve got security!” MARSOC posted to its Twitter and Facebook account, accompanied by a photo of a Marine standing at a window with a short-barrel rifle used for visit, board, search, and seizure operations:

MLK, Jr. was assassinated by a lone shooter — James Earl Ray — aiming from a room across the street.

The tweet and Facebook post were both promptly deleted after followers on both networks complained, BuzzFeed reports.

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