Michael Strahan Calls Warren Sapp ‘Coward’ After Sapp Says NY Giants Great Doesn’t Belong In Pro Football Hall Of Fame

Source: New York Daily News

Michael Strahan long ago made it clear he thinks Warren Sapp is a “jackass.” Now he’s added “sheep” and “coward” to Sapp’s resume, too.

Those latest shots came on Tuesday, just a few hours after Sapp told reporters that Strahan doesn’t belong in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Strahan, who’ll be up for election for the second straight year on Saturday, first joked that “I’m glad (Sapp) doesn’t have a vote.” Then he dismissed Sapp’s opinion as irrelevant by saying, “The tiger does not pay attention to the opinion of a sheep.

“I don’t understand what the problem is, to be honest with you,” Strahan said. “If you have a problem with me, I’m the type of guy you come and talk to me. I’m not a coward to talk to somebody else when I have somebody’s number. I’m going to come to you and tell you if I have a problem. So I don’t understand what this whole thing is about.”

What it’s about is an old feud that dates back to 2002 when Strahan set the NFL’s single-season sack record of 22½ on a controversial dive/slide by Brett Favre in the final game of the season. Sapp called that a “travesty,” which led to Strahan calling him “a jackass” and their long war of words was on.

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