Roland Martin Challenges Clarence Page On Difference Between Black People And ‘N-Words’

Source: Tommy Christopher / Mediaite

The debate over the use of the n-word by white people has recently become the subject ofunwarranted confusion, but it’s use among black people has long been a subject of genuine contention. During a segment pegged to Richard Sherman‘s postgame interviewNewsOne Now‘s Roland Martin challenged syndicated columnist Clarence Page for subscribing to the Chris Rock Theorem, which states that there is a difference between black people and n*ggers.

The reactions to Sherman led to a discussion of the ways in which black men feel pressure to modulate their emotions. Early in the segment, Martin shared how he felt there was a double-standard at CNN, whereby viewers felt that Martin was “angry” or “upset,” but “I would look at the white guy sitting next to me, and he was ‘passionate’ and ‘focused,’ and things along those lines,” and wondered “How does that then translate to who gets a show?”

Page responded that “You can’t say that black folks aren’t making it in television,” and added “Who can anticipate what the chemistry is that will make people tune in? You can be an Oprah, who’s very congenial and open and welcoming, or you can be a… I’m trying to think of a black equivalent to a Bill O’Reilly, but nobody’s really given him a chance.”

“That’s my point!” Martin exclaimed, adding “A white man gets to walk through, a white woman gets to… frankly, you can do you!”

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