ROLAND S. MARTIN: We Need MLK’s Revolutionary Spirit

by Roland S. Martin
Host and Managing Editor of TV One’s NewsOne Now

Don’t be fooled by the soft, sanitized, and safe version of Dr. King. We must remember the truly powerful figure that he was, and in many cases, a radical force for change.


When Nelson Mandela died 46 days ago at the age of 95, the tributes pouring in painted him as a senior statesman; lovable, cuddly, graceful and all about forgiveness of his oppressors.Thankfully we got to watch Idris Elba play the former South African president on the big screen in Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom, based on the book written by Mandela. In the screen adaption, we saw the fire and rage burning in the eyes of Mandela as he did all he could, including take up armed resistance, to fight for the freedom of his people.

Just imagine if this generation never got the chance to witness that Mandela. They would have watched mainstream media and taken away the image of a docile figure who was more grandfather than freedom fighter.

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