Study: Nearly Half Of Black Men Arrested By 23

Source: theGrio

new study released today by the journal Crime & Delinquency has found that 49 percent of African-American are arrested by the time they are just 23 years old.

White men don’t fare much better. Forty percent of white males are arrested by the time they are 23.

“A problem is that many males – especially black males – are navigating the transition from youth to adulthood with the baggage and difficulties from contact with the criminal justice system,” says Robert Brame, a criminology professor at the University of South Carolina and lead author of the study.

“Criminal records that show up in searches can impede employment, reduce access to housing, thwart admission to and financing for higher education and affect civic and volunteer activities such as voting or adoption. They also can damage personal and family relationships,” added Brame.

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