‘This Is Stupid’: Roland Martin Defends Principal Suspended For Using The N-Word

Source: Tommy Christopher / Mediaite

A school principal in Washington State was suspended last week for allegedly using the n-word to explain the epithet to a group of students. Poulsbo Elementary School Principal Claudia Alves was apparently trying to teach the children the difference between the n-word and the word “negro,” and on Monday morning’s NewsOne Now, host Roland Martin defended her, saying that “This, to me, is stupid.”

On Monday morning, Roland Martin blasted the suspension, exclaiming “This, to me, is stupid,” adding “If you have a teacher, who is trying to teach, and explaining the n-word and ‘negro,’ and throw in ‘colored’ and let’s say throw in ‘African American,’ why do you suspend somebody who is trying to teach?”

Yes, if only there were some way to convey the n-word, without actually using the word itself. What’s an educator to do?

Former RNC Chariman Michael Steele agreed, saying that “we have so hyperventilated this word, the problem is that any time it is introduced, period, people just, their hair goes up on fire, and in this case, so you’re saying when it comes to talking about black folks, and the history of their narrative, and the language that (has) been used, that you cannot teach that now?”

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