Wendy Williams Sobs, ‘My Son Doesn’t Like Me’

Source: Lesley Messer / ABC News

Wendy Williams recently broke down in tears on her show for a very personal reason: She’s having family problems.

The talk show host, 49, revealed that she hasn’t been getting along with her 13-year-old son, Kevin.

“What I discovered this weekend is my son doesn’t like me anymore,” Williams said, sobbing. “You know how it is, I know what it is. … I discovered this a while ago, but the ball just got smacked home this weekend.”

Williams, who acknowledged that her son is likely just going through a phase, said that he often lashes out at her. And though she said that she was the same way when she was a teenager, it hurts.

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  • Terry Rachel

    Ok he don’t suppose to like you cause your not his friend your his MOM start acting like it