What Small Business Owners Should Watch For In The State Of The Union

Source: J.D. Harrison / The Washington Post

During his annual address to Congress on Tuesday, President Obama will outline his plans to accelerate job creation and revive the economic recovery, which came to a near halt toward the end of last year.

What remains to be seen is whether small businesses — which the president just two weeks ago referred to as “the lifeblood of our economy” — indeed play an important role in his broader recovery plans.

“I deeply believe that small businesses can help drive and continue the growth that we have already seen,” Obama said earlier this month while introducing his nominee for Small Business Administrator, Maria Contreras-Sweet, later adding that he has “made small businesses a priority from day one.”

However, he made only two references to small businesses during last year’s State of the Union, and his administration failed to deliver on several of the economic goals he set forth, including immigration reform, wage hikes and a smooth rollout of the health care law, all of which are expected to come up again this year.

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