Anthony Mackie Slams Spike Lee’s Gentrification Rant: ‘Spike Lee Don’t Live In Brooklyn’

Source:  Chris Witherspoon / theGrio

Athony Mackie currently stars alongside Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker and Sanaa Lathan in the psychological thriller Repentance,now playing in theaters nationwide.

Today Mackie weighed in on Spike Lee’s controversial remarks about gentrification in Brooklyn.

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Mackie who currently resides in Brooklyn and owns two restaurants there, disagrees with the Oscar-nominated director.

“Spike Lee don’t live in Brooklyn,” Mackie said in an interview with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon. “Why did he leave Brooklyn?”

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  • Sieben713

    you people play right into the willie lynch doctrine

  • Michael Jay

    Very nicely put Anthony! Problem is, as it is in your original home; they are not making enough places for the displaced, and they ARE displaced, to go! Everything is catered to those with the biggest buck and “Anthony; WE CAN’T ALL HAVE THE BIGGEST BUCK”. The outcry is; these displaced people are not finding a new place to live! What do you say to that; DO BETTER? Cmon man!

  • Andy

    First of all he did NOT slam Spike!!! I agree with Anthony but I think the media is trying to start some shhhhh between the two!!!!