RAW STORY: Arkansas Man Guns Down 15-Year-Old Girl For Egging Son’s Car As A Prank

Source: David Edwards / Raw Story

An Arkansas man is facing first degree murder charges after he allegedly shot a 15-year-old girl to death over the weekend because she was participating in a prank on his 16-year-old son.

Shortly before 1:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, Little Rock Police responded to the Kum & Go gas station after a call about a shooting, according to KARK. Officers found a white Hyundai Sonata with bullet holes, broken glass, and four teens between the ages of 14 and 18.

A 15-year-old girl who was inside the car was identified as Adrian Broadway. She later died from a gunshot wound after being taken to nearby hospital. The car’s 18-year-old driver, Dshone Nelson, suffered minor injuries from broken glass.

The surviving teen victims reportedly told police that they had attempted to prank 48-year-old Willie Noble’s son by covering his car in eggs and leaves, KTHV reported.

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    where are the parents?

    • Julia Holcomb

      The shooter is 48–his parents are probably dead or in a nursing home.
      I’m assuming you mean the murderer’s parents–you couldn’t really be blaming the victims in this shooting, could you? No one believes that the way you punish a naughty teenager chucking eggs is to kill her, do they?

      • Derek Cambell

        No he means the victims parents. They share part of the blame for not knowing where their 15 year old daughter is and what she is doing at 1 in the morning.

    • gigantic dong

      two dads both men nice fanily

  • Bethany Johnson

    Where is the black uproar as in Florida, oh I’m sorry this is black against black, no uproar just business as usual.

    • Elyse Brown

      Miss Bethany: I SAID THE SAME THING…we as a community have to put a stop to this…and for this to be “business as usual” is sad but this is how folks think…I can not believe…wait I can…but does not stop me as a parent from being floored when someone’s child is shot…OVER EGGS…OMG..

      • evam

        For those of us in the 55+ age group it is unimaginable to us that some teenagers are behaving so badly. We NEVER heard of or contemplated such disrespect when we were their age.
        Parents teach your “priceless babies” how to respect others, their space and their property. What is cute to you and them is most definitely not cute to us. Kids should not be allowed to “just be kids” at the expense of others. Folk work hard to have the necessities of life and take pride in them, what in heaven’s name is cute about egging one of a person’s necessities. If the owner of the property is taking great care and has pride in his/her property what gives immature disrespectful teenagers the right to destroy it all in the name of so-called “fun”. Let those teenagers egg their parent’s cars or eachother in the name of fun. They are nothing more than bullies, pure and simple.

      • gigantic dong

        what the fck is up with you ….miss bethant?

    • gigantic dong

      yep keep up the good work toads

  • J Anthony

    This is so F up I am a white, and this crap has to stop. Yes the Mom & Dad should have know where their PRICELESS Child was, maybe they did. Who has not snuck out of the house, or went on a sleep over where your best friend had an older brother, or sister who tock you out for some fun. This could have happened to White , Hispanic, Asian ” ” But WHY? Who shoots a car with kids in it? Wether they have their hats on backwards, or loud music. I can’t comprehend what its like when a cop comes to your door, and tells you your child is dead. (Their must be some mistake she/he is at a friends, or at the store) To never hold them never scold them dream with them to never rejoice in what they have become. Shame on us. I will not say your name, but I hope your PTSD is unbearable.