Rev. Bernice King Disassociates Self From Brothers Following Lawsuit (VIDEO)


ATLANTA — In a press conference held at Ebenezer Baptist Church Thursday morning, Rev. Bernice King made it clear how she felt about the selling of her father’s possessions and those who plan to do it — her brothers, Martin and Dexter King.

Surrounded by family members and community leaders, King wasted little time by saying she did not support the selling of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s possessions and she wanted to be disassociated from her brothers.

Roland Martin: MLK Family Wars Over Peace Prize

Dr. Bernice A. King: “My Brothers Want To Sell My Father’s Nobel Peace Prize Medal And His Bible”

“This is not a sibling rivalry,” she said. “I will always love my brothers, but we are of different minds and most importantly, different relationships with God. I know my position is right. It’s about standing on principle.”

Last Friday, Jan. 31, Martin and Dexter King filed a complaint in Fulton County Superior Court, asking a judge to force Bernice to relinquish their father’s items, which included Dr. King’s 1964 Noble Peace Prize and his personal Bible.

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  • Unae

    Just pitiful. I know that they lived through the horrendous murder of their father. But, I don’t know where this public idiocy comes from. Mental midgets.

  • Beverly Brown

    She did the right thing.

    • Stuart Paul Draper

      I believe in saying if your the odd person out, “that ought to be saying something about her, and her own issues ..and going public with it it’s not the answer… Just because she’s has a title as a Rev, Pastor Doesn’t make her right ..

      • SeriouslyIam

        Whether she is right or wrong has NOTHING to do with her title in the church. She is right because she wants to preserve her father’s legacy. If those items were ever intended to be sold, wouldn’t Coretta Scott King have sold them? Instead she kept them and passed them on to her children, two of whom are so greedy they only want to profit from them. If it were not about money they could easily donate those items to a museum, instead they want to to sell them to a private buyer.

      • Guest

        Your comments are not enlightening at all.

        • Stuart Paul Draper

          Well enlighten Me..

      • Medusa7

        Your comment is not enlightening at. She’s right.

        • Stuart Paul Draper

          Not trying too…..And if you feel she’s right more power to you…

      • Jean1954

        Your logic is flawed , thinking that being the odd man out or the only one taking a position makes her wrong. I was taught to be a leader not a follower. And you definitely don’t follow someone who you believe is wrong and if it violates your principles. It is the odd man out that many times brings about great change as in the case of her father. I lived through that period its not just a paragraph in a history book, Everyone loves Dr.Martin Luther King JR now, but not so when he was alive. he was the odd man out for a long time. Even his own people called him a rabble rouser. Filing a lawsuit is a pretty public act, so why not blame her brothers. And the part about her title as a Reverend is just a personal dig.

      • Monica parks

        Being the odd man out says a lot about her, she has her own mind. It is sad if you think it’s okay to agree with someone just so you don’t stand alone. That is called being a coward.

  • AkuAndoryū Tru-Dru Harrison


  • Weuseourminds

    I applaud Bernice King for doing the right thing. Her parents, Martin and Coretta King could have sold out and accepted a comfortable life for leaving the civil rights movement, which would have delayed the advancement of our social liberation as African Americans by decades. But thank God that they didn’t. This e remaining artifacts will always be the living legacy of the struggle for justice. With Dr. King personal bible and Nobel Peace Metal being in a private collection, then the legacy of the Civil Right Movement dies. Martin III and Dexter appears to be spiritual asleep, so they can not understand this. Also it appears that they don’t want to accept the fact that their parents are a institution that belongs to everyone, not just them.

    • Stuart Paul Draper

      Go back to church….As he said before his Death…HE LEAD people into a burn house…He was a great Leader….But he was about to change directions ….stay stuck in the Mud if you want….You don’t belong to know One other than yourself….You been had you been took into believing what the real Faust can cause and illusions for years to come….

  • Rio

    You see how confused black people are over this stupid book? The same book that says the love of money is the root of all evil then turns around and says the story of “father Abraham” is all allegory which would mean that nobody in the bible existed. The same book that has started wars enslaved people and killed off a people in the name of their God. The same book where “jesus” is a savior and also the name of the first slave ship to enter afrika. Do you people not see it yet? Do you not see what they are doing to the Afrikan amerikan communities this same book that has you people down here arguing against and for these people. The same book
    that is dividing their family right now. The same book that will anger someone to talk bad about when it supposedly teaches peace and love for another by mentioning wars how many wives a man has and then contradict it by saying you’re only allowed one spouse.You see how they have important black people fighting over valueless Europeanized ideologies and prizes that have no value beyond this realm only what “they” try and price it at. The same prize awarded to MLK was awarded to scientist trying to implement eugenics in the world to create a master race with no minorities so what are we really putting our beliefs in? Have you people not waken up yet? Are you still walking blind and calling it faith. What God would divide families create wars ignore famine and make billions of tax free dollars off of what a book says? What God would separate people on beliefs? What God allow technology to pull his followers away from the message? God doesn’t know anger but he does know Love on different levels and this world is not too far from receiving a dose of tough love if we don’t turn away from spiritual
    Iniquity and turn away from these Eurocentric beliefs that were forced on people for social control. Wake up Gods people Wake up!

    • Kimberly Getsomeorderaboutthat

      Very well spoken. We must all wake up from the foolishness and see the writing on the wall. BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE…

    • Really

      It always amazes me when people completely overlook the point of an article,focus on ONE word so they can spew their own rhetoric, no matter how off topic it is.LOL

    • Stuart Paul Draper

      Great Post….

  • awesome

    We all can see what kind of me the King brothers are, they could not and would not start this mess until Mother King passed. The only one with any back bone is the baby sister.

  • Barbara

    I always looked at Dexter with the side eye, he just never seemed very involved with keeping the legacy of his parents. MLK 3, I’m shocked that he would try to sell the items. MLK 3…… I’m giving you the side eye too. Dang did she just say refrain from grouping me with my brothers? Wow!!

    • Stuart Paul Draper

      Trying to start her own mega Church

      • Barbara

        As long as she doesn’t do it with proceeds from the sale of her father’s Nobel Prize or Bible………….I wish her well.

  • Jarvis Q. Standifer

    ‘Can we all just get along’….The Great words of Mr.King (Rodney)!!!