Black Press Attacked For Efforts To Strengthen Ties With Africa

Source: Floyd Alvin Galloway /

Black media critic Richard Prince has launched a series of attacks on a National Newspaper Publishers Association-led delegation for a trip to Morocco in early January paid for by the government, writing under one headline, “Black-Press Visitors to Morocco Called Pawns.”

Prince, who has spent all of his professional career with White-owned newspapers, made only a passing reference to Israel’s practice of funding trips for U.S. journalists and dignitaries.

Prince strongly criticized the 14-member delegation for taking the all-expense paid trip because journalistic standards prohibit such trips. However, in a major disservice to Black media, he neglected to point out that the Black Press does not have anywhere near the same resources as the White media and therefore should not be held to the same standard.

A study by Nielsen, for example, titled, “Resilient, Receptive and Relevant: The African-American Consumer 2013 Report,” stated: “Advertising expenditures geared specifically toward Black audiences reflected only three percent of advertising dollars spent. Advertisers spent $75 billion on television, radio, internet, and magazine ads in 2012, with only $2.24 billion of that spent with media focused on Black audiences.”

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