Black Love Day Co-Founder Blasts ‘Black Intellectual Prostitute Clarence Uncle Thomas’

Source: Tommy Christopher /  Mediaite

On Thursday morning’s edition of NewsOne Now, host Roland Martin celebrated the 21st Black Love Day by interviewing the co-founders of the holiday, Ayo Handy Kendi and Kymone Freemanco-owner, General Manager, and host for Washington DC’s WeAct Radio. Handy Kendy explained the origins of Black Love Day, and the purpose of the holiday, and when Martin asked Freeman how to show love when you might not want to, Kymone dropped some casual choice verbal bombs on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who was the topic of a segment on Wednesday’s show.

“We have to do what we can to set up our own cultural traditions, because it’s no surprise, there’s been an avalanche of white oppression since we got here, and that has sometimes been facilitated by black intellectual prostitutes like Clarence Uncle Thomas, that you discussed yesterday, and so we have to carve out our own way, be it Black History Month, be it Black Love Day, be it Kwanzaa, these are things that we have to do that resonate with us, because we’ve been too often willing to accept what’s been given to us by the dominant society.”

Justice Thomas’ recent comments about his mistreatment by white Northeastern liberals were the subject of two segments on yesterday’s NewsOne Now.

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