Chicago Pol Apologizes After Video Surfaces Showing Strippers At His Bachelor Party — Which He Held In Same Building As His Office

Source: Philip Caufield / New York Daily News

A Chicago city councilman has apologized after a video surfaced showing strippers gyrating at a bachelor party held in the same building as his office.

Near the end of the 2:23 clip, Alderman Jason Ervin relaxes in a chair on a stage with his hands behind his head as rap music blares and strippers, seen only in silhouette, grind and writhe for several seated men.

Ervin, who represents the 28th Ward, admitted the video was taken at his bachelor party in 2012.

“Let me be clear, I never used City or campaign funds for this event. This event was not held in my Aldermanic or political office, but on another floor of the building, where neither City nor political funds are spent,” Ervin said in the statement.

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