Dear White Christians Of Florida: An Open Letter

An Open Letter from Pastor Michael Bledsoe, Riverside Baptist Church Washington DC


Dear White Christians of Florida:

Far be it that I, a white clergyman who is not a lawyer, instruct you as to the illogical nature of your “stand your ground” license to kill but let us note something that is apparent now after two cases where your predominantly white juries could not agree to convict a man who admitted he killed an unarmed teen-ager: if you convict a person for attempting to murder ten teens but fail to convict the killer for actually killing a teen, then you have incentivized killing since, not only on the face of it but in actuality, you have told the person we will not convict you for killing a black, unarmed teen-ager but we will imprison you for attempting it.

The stench from your houses of worship is wafting its way across this country, polluting citizenship, demoralizing parents and families, mocking accountability and blaspheming the Holy God whom you say you love and worship. If that offends you, try reading Amos.

Here is my premise and I dare you to prove me wrong: if white Christians in Florida stood up and cried out for justice, demanding an end to the license-to-kill-stand-your-ground law, it would be rescinded immediately. Where is your conscience? Where is the little light you promised to shine for Christ? You have put it beneath a bushel and suffocated it. You know as well as anyone that teen-agers should not be killed for playing loud music. But then, we all know don’t we, that Jordan Davis was not killed for playing loud music. He was killed for being an uppity black kid who dared to smart off to a drunken white man with a concealed weapon’s permit. Speak up, for Christ’s sake, for the sake of your conscience and because you know in your heart of hearts that had a black man killed your white son playing music in a car with friends, you probably would not have to be demanding he be tried because a mob of white folks would have administered mob justice. Shame. Shame. Shame!

White Christians of Florida, speak up for justice. Stand up and demand that this license for murder be removed from your books, from your lives. Stop defending it. It is but a few steps removed from lynching. And you recall, do you not, that the center of the Gospels is the story of the passion of our Lord who was lynched by Romans who perceived him as a threat?

To read Pastor Michael Bledsoe’s open letter in its entirety visit Riverside Baptist Church.

  • Richard Buchanan

    Mr. Martin, not so long ago, the white man could not be convicted of 1st degree murder for killing a black person. Don’t look like much has changed, huh?

  • Bob

    Gladly, as soon as soon as you start caring about yourselves.. Between the Martin shooting and trial over 10K black kids were killed by other black kids. Like I said you start caring we start caring. All we see is how mad everyone gets when a white guy kills a black person and yet 10K and its fine.. Black teens kill Australian and post on Twitter before hand saying they are going to go kill a white person.. No one cares.. Makes nooo sense American Blacks are a joke to every other country even Africa has repeatedly said stop using African American you are embarrassing us.

    • Reggie

      Bob you seem to be full of ignorance which I find amusing considering that your post portrays you to be a pompous know it all. Considering the fact that you are most likely not of color, it is completely insulting and ignorant of you to assume that we as black people “do not care”. Are you so all knowing that you can completely sum up the attitude and what is important or not to an entire race? As a young African-American who is in school trying to get an education and become successful, let me tell you I care and so do many of my contemporaries. To Bob and anyone who agrees with his ignorance I say this, you will never be of color and in my shoes, but I am a human being just like you. Cut me and I feel pain and bleed the same color as you. Yes I am culturally labeled as African-American because my ancestors were stripped of their African identity, but no I am not a joke. I am just another human being that happens to have a darker complexion and thicker hair texture than you. That in no way makes me inferior to anybody. I love myself, my people, and all other people and pray that one day racism can be removed from this earth. There are people who care. We just don’t get put in the news.

    • L Blake Brown

      Well Bob then I guess I don’t give a dam about those little kids dying up north because of a rock star teen going crazy… Or the Boston bombing or the people who died in the Oklahoma bombing… Or the ones who were killed in the movie theater in Aurora Colorado… But I know .. I know you just gloss right over the devil himself and what your kind have been doing for hundreds of years… lol

    • Candice White

      Everything you have posted here shows just what a racist you are why don’t you take that clap trap over to fox where it will be welcomed

  • Larry

    I agree with Bob.. Hard to care about people who don’t care about themselves or Obama and Oprah, AL, Jesse who all preach behind a camera instead of going into those communities or war zones and making a difference instead of just blaming white folks from the safety of there Mansions.. I mean AL and Jessie make a darn good livin telling struggling black folks whitey hates them but we don’t care about blacks killing blacks that’s whiteys fault too….

    • blknaps

      What bunch of bs, all geared to negate atrocities of white racist towards black Americans Goes along with Africans were involved and in the slave trade; . It’ not racist etc. Whites kill whites all the time. Entire families.Go on rampages killing bunches of innocent people. Yet you are afraid of black teenage boys? Really? But the media does not report the vast array of white crimes. But how did so many white men and women end up in jail? Hmmmmmm I believe it is called institutional racism Thank goodness there are decent people in both races working towards justice and equality for all.

      • Larry

        Slave trade?? Read a real history book of America not written by the English. Do you really think the African Warriors would have let a bunch of French men take there families?? Has any foreign aggressor ever won? Vietnam..etc? NO.. The African Warriors would have destroyed them without breaking a sweat. But.. Africa was and is tribal and the smart French went to all the Chiefs and said instead of killing each other just take prisoners and we will buy them off of you. SO… Thanks the Chiefs or Kings or whatever.. Hmm kinda like Sharpton making money off of hate instead of trying to end it.
        If you would read a real history book very few people could even afford slaves besides the rich Englishmen.. Most of the immigrants coming over were so poor they came as indentured servants. The Irish and Polish were treated worse then slaves as they were not as valuable…
        Ohh did you know there were Black Pilgrims that came over on the Mayflower?? England tried covering it up and the black leaders still do as it kinda changes things especially the one who owned slaves himself in Boston.. Google is our friend.
        Early America sucked for all but the rich English that still followed the King. This country was built by the sweat and blood of black people and the Irish and another proven fact there were 5 times as many Chinese slaves then Africans they just don’t keep whining about it as they are to busy trying to live there lives. The holocaust and all that same thing just want to live there lives…
        I am not racist and I am proud of my grandparents who marched with MLK and had the same scars as everyone else who wanted equality but the problem is no one wants to be equal.. White guy kills black kid.. all over the news and a black president elected by record numbers.. He could have been my son.. What about the over 10K that year??? Eh.. they don’t give a crap.
        My anger is there who is going to start caring about the 10k?? But no one cares about that.. I wish they would as they are our future as well.
        History is history yet never forget and move on and build from it our children deserve it as racism is taught.. But a nation divided is more easily controlled. blknaps I truly hope you read a real history book as even more greatness from your ancestors has been buried by the rich English who 500 yrs ago hung my ancestors from there castle walls as well.
        Again when you guys start caring about the 10K maybe we will as well.

        • L Blake Brown

          This has nothing to do with slaves… and the 10K of whatever… This is reality where some people believe it’s okay to kill an innocent person and then somehow hide behind the law… Oh wow… This is about the ending of slavery isn’t it…

          • gigantic dong

            you my boy are stupid

        • Jessica2248

          it’s not about you caring, it’s not even about slavery, it’s about equality under the law HERE AND NOW! i don’t care about your personal feelings, as i am sure you don’t care about mine. but when the LAW tells an old white guy it’s okay for him to shoot unarmed black teens because he’s afraid of them…something has got to give. all i ask for is the right to be able to walk where i please, without fear that someone will see my skin color and start shaking in their boots and start shooting!

          • gigantic dong

            shut up dummy

          • Jessica2248

            did i just enter the kindergarten room?? “shut up dummy”?? wow!

      • L Blake Brown


        • gigantic dong

          you too my boy

      • gigantic dong

        you my boy are delusional

  • Ike

    We all see that stand your ground is just a way for our young black men to be murder. I ask the question how can we the people find a workable solution to the murders that are happen in the world we must learn once again that love is the key not hate….Ephesian 4:31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 32 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you….I guess no one on this planet have never sinned???????

  • Marco Devon Patterson

    You guys are getting very heated on here! Just take a second and calm down and try to stay on the subject.

  • casey krupp

    Jesus and race related article; UH-OH. This comment section is hereby quarantined as a high nonsense zone. Do not read unless you are ready to be blown away
    by idiocy and racism.