George Zimmerman Reportedly Harassed By An Angry Mob In Miami

Source: Mediaite

George Zimmerman gave a few candid interviews this week from Miami, but he has now reportedly left after he was harassed by a mob. TMZ reports that when Zimmerman was at the beach, he was confronted by an angry mob that shouted about a bounty on his head.

The mob followed Zimmerman, his girlfriend, and her kids from the beach back to his hotel. He made the press rounds while he was still in Miami, talking to a number of networks including CNN the next morning and then reportedly got out of Miami.

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  • gigantic dong

    you go zimm

    • Sieben713

      Kleine Weiner send him some of your welfare money , he is in need

      • tcp4370

        Send him some of that Embezzlement Sieben.. He needs it before you get caught.

  • Van Sexton

    Zimmerman, shooting a kid or apparently eating a lot of donuts does not make you a cop.