George Zimmerman Says He Lives In Constant Fear, Has PTSD

Source: GMA / ABC News

George Zimmerman, the Florida man acquitted of murdering teenager Trayvon Martin, says he lives in constant fear and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

He also suggested that President Obama helped to inject racism into the controversial shooting in order to win votes for himself during his reelection.

Zimmerman, 30, told Univision that he lives in a constant state of fear, needing bodyguards and bullet-proof vests, and that he suffers from PTSD. In a separate interview aired today on CNN, Zimmerman said he still gets death threats.

“I have a lot of people saying that, you know, they guarantee that they’re going to kill me and I’ll never be a free man,” he told CNN.

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  • Janice Mcgee

    Would you rather be dead like Trayvon or would you rather be in prison where you belong…it’s up to you!

  • Keithdunn1871

    Your guilty conscious will never go away….

  • rp3thax

    I’m sure other people that get away with murder feel the same way.

  • eclark53

    Nope, I am afraid this one is going to follow him to the grave. The worst has not yet to come.

  • MsVKnowsBest

    if he goes to prison or remains free (which he shouldn’t have)–he’s as good as a dead man. george zimmerman is a murderer and like others have said in this post, his guilty conscious will never go away because other murderers who get away with murder will always feel like he does.

  • Elaine Petrie

    Zimmerman’s torment and guilty conscious will eat him alive…it’s only a matter of time before he looses his mind…remember, you heard it here first!!!!

  • Shirley Johnosn

    I need you to publish our
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  • RealityWatch

    Yeah, he should live in constant fear. That’s better than being dead right? Who shoots somebody because they are getting their a@@ kicked? A coward.

  • RealityWatch

    Can’t have bodyguards forever. Who’s paying those dudes anyway? Isn’t GZ supposed to be broke?