Jeopardy Contestants Painfully Avoid Black History Questions As Long As They Can

Source: The Huffington Post

On a college championship round of Jeopardy, it seemed three white college students avoided the “African American History” category until they had absolutely no other options.

During the second round, rather than being asked about black history, the contestants gladly chose from categories like “International Cinema Showcase,” “Weather Verbs,” and “Kiwi Fauna.”

But the students choice wasn’t surprising, as they only answered three out of the five questions in the category correctly. Although they knew the answers for clues on Martin Luther King Jr., Apollo Theater and Phyllis Wheatley, they missed questions on the Scottsboro Boys and the 1st Rhode Island Regiment.

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  • Tallahatchie Rising

    Sadly enough, there are Black folk who couldn’t answer those questions either.

    • gigantic dong

      sadly enough there are toads who cant spell or pronounce they own names LMAOat toads

  • Ray Hamilton

    And? Most Blacks don’t know very much about Our History. We tend to make Big Deals out of the Smallest things.

  • Shaun Kirkwood

    While it’s true that these contestants avoid that category until the very end, I have to admit for them to correctly answer 3 of the 5 questions is remarkable, considering…
    To remark that some black people could not answer these questions, is like noting some days the sun doesn’t shine…

  • Sieben713

    Black History should be a permanent part of American history taught in all schools from the beginning grades through High school

  • Velorr

    Headline misleading! I saw no painful avoidance. Much ado about nothing.