John W. Thompson To Become 1st Black Chairman Of Microsoft

Source: Breanna Edwards / The Root

While the big news coming out of the tech world this week was the appointment of Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, what went underreported is that John Thompson, one of the few high-ranking African Americans in the technology sphere, is slated to become only the second chairman in Microsoft’s history, replacing tech genius Bill Gates, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

“This is the capstone, the cherry on top,” said technology analyst Charles King. “I don’t know where you go after this. He’s a good man and a very able leader, and he should be exactly what Microsoft needs at this time.”

According to the news site, Thompson, who is well-connected and deeply respected, marks a change in the direction of the company. Industry experts speculate that Microsoft, which has been suffering because of the decrease in demand for personal computers, is attempting to move quickly toward mobile devices to regain its former glory.

Microsoft reportedly has its hopes set on borrowing ideas from Silicon Valley, and Thompson, as one of the top executives in the area, seemed like the perfect person to reach out to, Mercury News notes.

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