Kansas Bill Would Allow Spanking In School That Leaves Marks

Source: AP / theGrio

TOPEKA, Kan. — A Kansas lawmaker is proposing a bill that would allow teachers, caregivers and parents to spank children hard enough to leave marks.

Current Kansas law allows spanking that doesn’t leave marks. State Rep. Gail Finney, a Democrat from Wichita, says she wants to allow up to 10 strikes of the hand and that could leave redness and bruising. The bill also would allow parents to give permission to others to spank their children.

It would continue to ban hitting a child with fists, in the head or body, or with a belt or switch.

Finney says she wants to restore parental rights and improve discipline.

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  • fhall

    I am glad I do not live in Kansas, I spanked my kids when they were little, I spank my grandkids and great grandkids when they need it , but the very thought of someone who gets paid to be around them, does not love them and may be a hidden or not so hidden mean and hateful person makes me think that whoever proposed this makes me think, they need to be spanked.

    • Ricky Town

      That’s why these kids are so out or order and disrespectful to adults. When we grew up the teachers mean and good disciplined us. The classrooms were never out of order.

  • fhall

    One of mine acts up in school (or anywhere else for that matter) call me I will come and do the spanking if I decide it is warranted.

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