LeBron James Posts Letter Thanking His Dad For Not Being In His Life

Source: Sean Highkin / USA Today

Throughout his career, LeBron James has made it well known the importance of his mother, Gloria, in his upbringing. His father, however, is a different story. Gloria was just 16 when she gave birth to LeBron, and his father, Anthony McClelland, out of the picture, she raised him as a single mother. The four-time NBA MVP has not forgotten, and posted a powerful open letter to his father on Instagram on Wednesday:

“Because of you Pops!” James wrote along with the photo. “Thanks all along. Could have said why me with u not being there but look what I made of myself.”

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  • Halle

    He does not know the man he would be if his dad was in his life. He might not freeze in the clutch sometimes. That may be his insecurity.
    Just the mere fact that he posted this means he still hurts deep in side and wants a relationship or some sort of closure with “Pops”. Good luck to him. Half of who you are is because of your mother and the other half, your father. Until he makes real peace with that, he will never be whole. I do not care how much fame and fortune he has. When sun sets and the moon appears, he has the same silohuette as you and me.

  • Nat Turner

    Halle, you spoke so eloquently on this I can only agree.

  • Sieben713

    LeBron you are bigger than this. This was totally unnecessary

    • gigantic dong

      shut up idiot you act like you know him and you think hes gonna look at this lmao at you fool