Lucia McBath: ‘Stand Your Ground’ Killed My Son

by Lucia McBath

Over the past few weeks, people have talked endlessly about my son, Jordan Davis. Jordan was a really good kid who was warm and fun loving. OnNov. 23, 2012, Jordan, age 17, stopped with friends at a gas station in Jacksonville, after some Black Friday shopping. It was there, in the back seat of a red Durango, that I lost my son forever. He died after a dispute over loud music ended in a senseless shooting.

The gunman, Michael Dunn, was tried for the death of Jordan and the attempted murder of his friends. Dunn was convicted of three counts of attempted murder, but not for my son’s death.

Much of the debate over the shooting has focused on whether race played a role. Jordan and his friends were black; the shooter is white. While I understand the racial significance of this discussion, I believe the blame lies with the culture that emboldened Dunn to pull a loaded gun from his glove compartment and a law that encourages unnecessary violence. Florida’s “stand your ground” law is the reason my son is dead.

Florida’s permissive gun laws and its culture of “shoot first, ask questions later” is why a stranger shot my child. Instead of settling a dispute over loud music in a reasonable manner, Dunn overreacted. His actions were not only senseless, tragically, they also were irreversible. “Stand your ground” laws empower emotional people to end an argument with a gun, and until these laws are rolled back we will continue to suffer more senseless tragedies like the one my family has endured.

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  • gigantic dong

    should have taught him respect for others black or white

    • Cori Hoston

      Although I am sure your dong is miniscule, respect is earned and not given freely..since they didn’t know one another, respect is mutual until disrespect is shown. Dunn was only being disrespectful bcuz he had a gun. He picked a fight with teenagers… He will now serve 60 years…..

      • gigantic dong

        you got it backwards soul sista these pieces of crap had no respect for anybody they just had to be the center of attention and eff everybody else he would be alive today if he just showed some respect