Man Allegedly Pulls Gun, Threatens To Shoot 9-Year-Old Daughter For Stepping On Dog’s Tail

Source: Tommy Christopher / Mediaite

On the heels of the arrest of a California man for pulling a shotgun on a Girl Scout selling cookies Cleveland man has been arrested and charged with allegedly pulling a gun on his own 9 year-old daughter and threatening to pull the trigger.Daniel Roman has been charged with menacing, child endangerment, and domestic violence for pointing a gun at his daughter and telling her “Step on the dog’s tail again, and I will pull the trigger.”

According to reporting by Cleveland’s 19 Action News, court documents also accuse Roman of threatening his two 7 year-old twins, “You tell anyone, I will hurt you and your sisters.”

Roman entered a plea of “not guilty,” and his grandmother told Action News that Roman did not threaten his daughter with a gun, but her stepfather says that Roman called to volunteer a denial before he was even accused:

The stepdad said the situation was odd, and that Roman even called him on his own the next day to talk about what happened.

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