MEDIAITE: Roland Martin Agrees With Clarence Thomas About White Liberal Racism

Source: Tommy Christopher / Mediaite

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has sparked debate this week with remarks he made during an appearance at Florida’s Palm Beach Atlantic University, debate which Noah Rothman observed is sometimes one-sided. On Wednesday morning’s NewsOne Now, however, host Roland Martin devoted two segments to Justice Thomas’ comments about race, and even agreed with him on the subject of white liberal racism in the North.

In his talk at PBA, Justice Thomas said that “The worst things that have been done to me, the worst things that have been said about me, by northern liberal elites, not by the people of Savannah, Georgia,” where he grew up in the Jim Crow era.

On Wednesday morning’s NewsOne Now, multiple National Association of Black Journalists award-winning host Roland Martin told his panel “I think Thomas is correct, in that white Northern liberals have had this attitude of ‘Oh, those Southern racists,’ when you look at the present day, when it came to discrimination in housing, in lending, that to me was far more pervasive. In the south, you had dogs, firehoses, but when you were denied housing conditions and jobs, that point he makes there is worthy of a debate.”

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