Minister Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison After HIV Scandal

Source: Doug Evans / MyFoxAtlanta

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. – An Atlanta area minister was sentenced to ten years in prison by a Clayton County judge on Friday. 

Craig Davis had denied everything: the sex outside his marriage and even his positive HIV status — until now.

In the hearing, the prosecutor painted Davis as “unrepentant” and when it comes to unprotected sex, unstoppable. But the hearing took a turn right before the sentence was handed down — Davis took the stand in a last minute plea for mercy.

Davis was sentenced to ten years in prison and ten years on probation.

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  • LaQuita Suggs Msw Lcsw

    This is really a sad case and I have conflicting views in relation to the minister, his wife and the other people involved. Admittedly, he could have share his medi-cal condition, but how many of the women even cared enough about themselves, to use protection or to ask him if he has been tested for STD’s including HIV. The people (women/men/whatever) also have a degree of responsibility for laying up with a married man to begin with. Ronita McAfee had no remorse when she was sleeping with a married man. I am so confused because why would you ever trust a man or even yourself, when the entire relationship is build upon a lie. If he will sneak around and play with you under his wife’s nose, why would you think he would be honest to you? SMH! Really! Get your life together!

    • Nefertini Rasool

      Girl you ain’t never lied? the women are much at fault as he is, if not even more, because anytime you would stoop that low to sleep with a married man, a pastor of your church, and have unprotected at that? That got what they where looking for SIN….

  • Shelly Allen

    Thank u very much. Once again making Christians look like freaks. I have friends that would look at this and say” See I told you those Christians were!!!” See I can get that people make mistakes and that reconciliation can happen. But to risk other peoples lives. Whether those people care about themselves or not. Its just plain old wrong. Unbelievable!!!! minister!!!! Please

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