Nelson Mandela Leaves Nothing To Ex-Wife Winnie In His Will

Nelson Mandela’s will benefits charities, schools and his former party the ANC, but he left nothing to his former wife Winnie. Rohit Kachroo reports.

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  • Klove

    So he is show us that hate in your heart dies with you, that women helped in so many ways for this man not to be forgiven

    • Charles Freeman

      We don’t what the arrangement between them was or what he gave her in their divorce settlement. Ours is not to judge or guess but simply to accept that which has absolutely nothing to do with us.

    • rickyfer

      What exactly has she done for him that should be repaid? She has already made millions off the man and name worldwide, she is not owed a dime. Her life has already been improved by him. He now seeks to improve the life of those far less fortunate than Winnie will ever be.

      It’s a ridiculous sentiment that people are owed something.

  • june

    Who cares…