NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Brooklyn Dad Killed Baby, Fed Her To Pit Bull In 2006, Police Sources Say

Source: Tina Moore / New York Daily News

Serenity Brown, just shy of her second birthday, was possibly beaten to death by her father, then sliced up and fed to a pit bull in July 2006, according to law enforcement sources and documents.

But authorities didn’t learn about the giggly toddler’s disappearance until five years later — and are still trying to close the ghastly cold case in which a body was never found and no suspect ever arrested.

City social workers discovered the child was missing during a 2011 visit, and cops opened an investigation into her mother’s claims about the horrors that went down in a Brooklyn apartment.

Little Serenity was listening to her mother, Paula Johnson, read a story inside their Canarsie apartment when, according to Johnson, her ex-con dad, Edward (Chuck) Brown, flew into a rage over the child’s laughter, law enforcement sources said.

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  • Nick Carraway

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  • Nick Carraway

    I give up

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