NJ Wrestlers’ Lynching Photo Draws Scrutiny

Source: AP / theGrio

TRENTON, N.J.  — School sports officials asked the state’s civil rights agency to look into a photo that shows members of a high school wrestling team apparently simulating a lynching.

The photo, which surfaced online in recent days, shows seven white teens wearing Phillipsburg High School wrestling attire posed with a black tackling dummy in a Paulsboro High School wrestling shirt and hanging from a noose. Two of the boys have the hoods on their sweatshirts fixed into points. One of the boys is holding a paddle.

Paulsboro and Phillipsburg are longtime wrestling powerhouses and rivals. Phillipsburg, in northwest New Jersey, is a community of 15,000 where about 85 percent of the population is white. Paulsboro, south of Philadelphia, has about 6,000 residents — more than one-third of them black.

According to online photos, it appears all or nearly all Phillipsburg’s wrestlers are white, while some members of the Paulsboro team are black.

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  • DennisCLatham

    Wow…. No Comments. Well…. I will be THE FIRST @Roland Martin.
    Until charges are pressed against white hate groups such as this – spewing and spreading their hate through photos – this will continue and get worse.

  • emma c.

    Disgusting. What is wrong with these people?

  • wjk2109

    I’m going to say there could possibly be some racial undertone to this, but it may be a bit of a stretch, I need to know much information, Do they have white wrestling dummies? Is this really meant to be racist or is it meant only in a bad taste rivalry context. I call out racism when I see it, not sure this is an instance of such.

    • biggiet

      The hoods don’t do it for you huh?

  • Catbags

    I am sick an tired of people making stupid excuses for unacceptable behavior!
    This is not a stretch, this is embedded in the minds of these young people. It is looked at a light folly, not so!!!!!! Look at America today, you can shoot & kill a black young male for playing his music too loud and not be charged with murder. I guess that was a stretch too!!!!!

  • Clara Forsythe

    ITS GOING TO BLOW!!!!!!!!