O’Reilly: America Is ‘Ignorant’ Because Of Public Schools, Internet. Not From Watching Fox

Source: Tom Boggioni / Raw Story

Bill O’Reilly began his show Monday lamenting the rise of “ignorant America” calling it a “disaster’ while blaming public schools and the Internet.

Citing a 2011 study that found that 29 percent of Americans could not name the vice-president, 43 percent could not define the Bill of Rights, and 40 percent did not know that America fought Germany and Japan in WWII, O’Reilly called America’s lack of knowledge a “disaster.”

O’Reilly proceeded to blame the American school system and the internet.

“It’s quite clear that the American school system is a main culprit’” he said. “It’s no longer teaching history, geography, and civics in an effective way.”

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  • sistermoon3

    I agree with the education part, parents will never give up technology for their kids, it like anything invented can save lives, ruin lives, it just depends on how you use them, you have to watch a bit of all the news media to think clearly for yourself.

  • Randall Lind

    Obama won because GOP has nothing to offer but hate. Who is going to vote for someone just because they hate Obama?