O’Reilly Forgets To Fact-Check Before Lecturing Obama For Not Addressing Black Issues

Source: Media Matters

Despite President Obama’s efforts to address problems that plague the African-American community, Fox host Bill O’Reilly insisted Obama never addressed the problems explicitly and lectured him on how save the black community. In his interview with the president, O’Reilly continued his condescending effort to attribute historic problems in the black community to what he called “the culture.”

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  • genjac3213

    Billo and his ilk are the same group while lecturing black folk about our culture are same group of people who condone policies that undermine our community. This is the guy who walks into black restaurant and is “shocked”:that black people act like normal human beings. You cannot be part of the solution when you are part of the problem.

  • L Blake Brown

    I’m not even sure why the President agreed to be interviewed by this guy. The tone that he is using is still the same old propaganda that BLACKS ARE THE PROBLEM… I was hoping the President would take him to task and quote the group that is more receptive of government assistance programs and specifically the SNAP program… This lame excuse for a man is the same one who defined one of his guest who was a Professor and prominent speaker as a guy who “looked like a drug dealer”… SMHD!!!