President Obama Launches Effort To Help Young Men Of Color

Source: NBC News

President Barack Obama on Thursday launched an initiative close to his heart, designed to bring local governments, businesses and philanthropies together to help bolster the lives of young men of color.

“There are examples of extraordinary achievement … . We don’t need to stereotype and pretend there’s only dysfunction out there,” Obama said during the White House event. “But, 50 years after Dr. King talked about his dream for America’s children, the stubborn fact is that the life chances of the average black or brown child in this country lags behind by almost every measure, and it’s worse for boys and young men.”

The program is rooted in the president’s work to help mentor a group of young men from Hyde Park Academy in his hometown of Chicago, whom he first met a year ago and were present at the White House for today’s announcement.

Obama recounted a litany of statistics about the ways in which young men of color often lag behind, calling it an issue of the utmost national importance.

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  • gigantic dong

    nobody helped me i think they just want every thing handed to them they think the world owes them because of stuff that happened years and years ago nobody alive had anything to do with that so get over it you lazy pieces of dirt

    • Kimm Anderson Bernier Irving

      Do you realize that it was not so long ago that people of color were not allowed to read and write? So, of course filling out an application could not be taught by parents and grandparents. You are terribly ignorant to say that no one ‘helped you’ … just by the color of your skin, you are ‘helped’. I don’t think I’ll even waste time explaining to you because some people hate so hard they don’t really want to know the challenges of others…so be comfortable in your ignorance.

      • gigantic dong

        how many years are you people going to keep this …the world owes me attitude …. up time to move on and as far as not being allowed to read or write you werent alive it probably didnt affect your parents so time to get over it

  • Step Lewis

    Your 1st 3 words made you a liar.. so there’s that.

  • Michael Muhammad