Is “Reverse Racism” Possible? Comedian Destroys The Myth

Australian comic, Aamer Rahman, shatters the myth of “reverse racism” in less than 3 minutes in the video below. We think he hits the nail on the head! What do you think?

  • M Allen


  • redcan

    Here’s a myth: only white people can be racist.

  • redcan

    I looked it up and racism deals with a belief that all members a certain race have certain characteristics. So, the idea that only white people can be racist is a racist idea. By definition, Aamer is racist. Have an intervention or get him some help or something. Please.

  • redcan

    The idea that black people can say whatever they want and white people have to watch what they say (alluded to by Aamer in beginning of the clip) and the idea that only black people can use the n-word that is off limits to whites and the idea that cracker is okay while the n-word is not; is like black people sitting wherever they want on the free speech bus while white people are relegated to the back. F that.

    • DB

      OHHHHH……you mad? WHAAAA…typical white person, always crying.

  • Mike

    Black people need to listen to Bill Cosby.