ROLAND S. MARTIN: Binge Watching Is Lame And Lonely

by Roland S. Martin
Host and Managing Editor of NewsOne Now

When my brother, Reginald, turned 16, he was filled with excitement and anticipation.

He was now legal to get a driver’s permit that would allow him to drive our family car.

When he went to my dad with the news, the joy was a one-way street.

“What do you plan to drive?” my dad asked.

“The car,” Reggie replied.

“What car?” my dad inquired.

“That car,” he said, pointing to the driveway.

“My car? Oh hell no. You’re not driving my car at 16. I’m not going to have my car insurance skyrocket. You better wait until you’re 18 before you drive anything,” dad said.

He made clear to him—and to me since I am one year and one day younger than my brother—that patience mattered, and that it’s not always necessary to be in a rush.

That has always stuck with me. Folks are so in a hurry to have sex these days that even 15 is an eternity. Others have desired that big job with the big salary even though they really weren’t ready for all that it entailed. We truly live in a “Now! Now! Now!” world that doesn’t appreciate waiting.

So forgive me if I’m not one of the folks who planned my Valentine’s weekend around the season 2 premiere of House of Cards. Fans of the show were ready to ignore everything that night and on the weekend to watch all of the episodes of the show.

Ever since Netflix debuted Cards last year, the concept of binge viewing has skyrocketed. Fed up with the old system of networks dictating to us when we could watch a show and having to wait for them to dole out episodes on their schedule, today’s consumer has made it clear that not only do we want to watch a show anytime we want, on any device that we want, but let’s see all of it right now.

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