Ronan Farrow’s Debut Gets Major Media Love While Joy Reid Is Ignored

Source: Noah Rothman / Mediaite

Three shows made their triumphant debuts out of 30 Rock on Monday: Late Night with Seth MeyersRonan Farrow DailyThe Reid Report.

Two of these three hosts received some nice attention from those in the press: Meyers and Farrow. Ms. Reid? Well, let’s just say she somehow got less much media coverage than that little skirmish going on Venezuela right now (See: Hardly any outside of Tommy Christopher’s preview).

The typical 2014-kind-of-reaction to this, one that’s all the rage these days, is to scream RACISM. Why else would the New York TimesWashington PostEntertainment WeeklyJon Stewart and Bill Maher fall over themselves in previewing Mr. Farrow’s show, but ignore Reid…who has infinitely more broadcast experience than her younger lead-in? Both worked with (Reid) or in (Farrow) the Obama Administration, but only one has actually guest hosted programs on MSNBC before (Reid).

So the answer is obviously bigotry, with the lily-white Farrow getting all of the attention for his 1:00 PM show, with the African-American Reid being snubbed by the press in launching her 2:00 PM offering. It’s no different than NBC News anchor Brian Williams ignoring Arsenio Hall when running down a list of late-night hosts last week (which were all white in the graphic, by the way).

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