Teen Stops Violent Assault, Makes Citizen’s Arrest

Source: Mike Benner / KGW.com

PORTLAND — Roshawn Lenkau loves those video games where he can pretend to be a police officer.  He has been fascinated with law enforcement since he was a young kid.  He even enrolled in an explorer program with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Office before moving to Portland.

All that training helped him possibly save a life Monday.

“What I learned from other sergeants and officers and stuff, is that they’re always telling me, ‘Nothing can turn into something at any time,” said Lenkau.

Any time came Monday afternoon.  The 15 year old was near Southwest 5th Avenue and Stark Street when he noticed a homeless man brutally attacking another homeless man.

“After the first five seconds, I’m thinking, ‘I can’t hope and pray for someone to break up the fight and save this guy.’ I’m going to step in and do something,” he recalled.

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