Thousands Protest Michael Vick Appearance At North Carolina ‘Evening of Champions’

Source: Arin Greenwood / The Huffington Post

According to a rather testy-sounding message posted to Facebook, the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce was aware that “some would disagree” when the group decided to host Michael Vick as a guest speaker at their 2014 “Evening of Champions.”

“The recognition is not for Mr. Vick,” Chamber president and CEO Harvey Schmitt told North Carolina NBC affiliate WNCN, while also declining to say how much Vick is being paid for his appearance. “Mr. Vick has an interesting story to tell. It is one of an attempt for his personal redemption.”

More than 64,000 people apparently think the free agent quarterback — who got out of jail in 2009 after serving 19 months for activities related to a brutal dogfighting ring, and renewed controversy last spring when he was spotted taking obedience classes with a recently acquired dog — hasn’t reached his redemption stage quite yet.

More than 1,500 people have also said on Facebook they plan to attend a “peaceful protest,” organized by a different group, just outside the event on Feb. 12.

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  • The Chamber should focus on what is good for businesses, not what is good for politics or redemption …. I am not a hater, I just do not see Vick as a model businessman ….

    • June

      That’s because M Vick is there, doesn’t mean the Chamber isn’t focused on what’s good for businesses. You white people love you dogs more than you love your children. He did his time, for the sake of sweet Jesus…

    • ramnation

      He sure was GREAT for business when his jersey was outselling any other in the big business of sports apparel, before the whole tar and feather shenanigans…in the mean time your 2 time rapist Rothlisberger is deemed innocent and free go to live his life with NO repercussions what so ever..Get the f outta here!! White Privilege at it’s best!!

    • Oh the hate … just because I am a White man, there are those who can hate on me.

      Well I thank God, He has even forgiven me for being white …. Jesus is great!

      And the Chamber should focus on business, instead they focused on everything else but business this year …. Oh well.


  • Andy

    Funny how JUDGMENTAL and NON-FORGIVING so called christian folks are for a guy that supposedly fought DOGS but allow and promote an CHILD killer like George Zimmerman to fight in a CELEBRITY Boxing match. Interesting….

    • Tonette Henry

      That’s correct.

  • vernendeavour

    Americans need to relax…its dogs for christ sake…ppl doin worse…an being celebrated for it…what’s goin on?!

  • June

    That’s because M Vick is there, doesn’t mean the Chamber isn’t focused on what’s good for businesses. You white people love your dogs more than you love your children. He did his time, for the sake of sweet Jesus…

  • Pissed off

    He made dogs fight !!! People kill dogs in the street everyday and just keep on going . You kill a minority and you get support and accolades from all over the place. The man made DOGS FIGHT and went to JAIL !!! You kill a minority and nothing happens . What is wrong here…

    • Bill

      You’re a sycophant. The man paid his debt to society. Get a life already.

  • Guest

    I’m glad God is not like man….forgiveness!!!!

  • tanjalah

    He didn’t even fight the dogs. His property was used to fight the dogs and no he wasn’t even there at the time. But he still took responsibility for allowing it to happen on his property and served his time.
    What is the problem…..ppl go to jail or prison and serve the sentence that this so called justice system says they should serve and when they get out after paying their so called debt to society they are still punished for the rest of their lives. What is the purpose of sentencing them and making ppl go to jail or prison if you are not going to forgive them, give them a chance and allow them to have a normal life after they get out?

  • Donna West-White

    I am so sick and tired of these people protesting Furs, Animals, and our black athletes. Michael Vick served his time and it is over now! The people that are protesting are a bunch of haters anyway and never wanted a Black man to be famous anyway! Leave him alone and let him live just like the Charlie Sheens and all of the rest of the celebrities that were or still are drug abusers, wife beaters, child molesters, etc. that are still making films, acting, singing and adopting children, and still going strong. Get off of his case. He is a fine, black, intelligent human being that needs to be treated like a person and not a run away slave! Get off of his darn case!

  • Ebony

    But you won’t protest the 16 year old who killed 4 people because of DUO and his so-called case of affuenza. Yep that’s about right.

  • Cornelius James Lewis

    This BS is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! You can protest this Black Man who you feel has not yet redeemed himself SIMPLY BECAUSE HE IS BLACK AND YOU DON’T THINK WE HAVE ANY REDEEMABLE QUALITIES…Yet George Zimmerman a known MURDER is harolded as a CELEBRITY???!!!! HOW DARE YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO PROTEST AGAINST A MAN WHO HAS NOT ONLY SERVED TIME BUT APOLOGIZED AND TAKEN CLASSES TO REDEEM IS IMAGE…There is something very wrong in a world that values a DOG’S LIFE OVER THAT OF ANY BLACK INDIVIDUAL’S LIFE!! ‪#‎UtterlyDisgusted‬ ‪#‎TheFreakinNerve‬