USA TODAY: Kevin Hart Is The Biggest Little Man In Hollywood

Source: Brian Truitt / USA Today

WASHINGTON — Kevin Hart may stand only 5-foot-4, but he’s starting to loom large in Hollywood and with a broad audience.

“Universal, baby!” Hart exclaims, clearly getting a second wind. “I pride myself on appealing to everyone at the end of the day, not just black people, not just white people, not just Chinese people. That’s one thing we as people share is laughter.”

About Last Night finds him playing Bernie, a quick-witted, motor-mouthed guy who’s constantly orbiting — much to his chagrin — the wild woman (Regina Hall) with whom he had a one-night stand.

Audiences can enjoy a Kevin Hart double feature, since his comedy Ride Along is still in theaters and has grossed $106 million since opening in January — the first movie to cross the $100 million mark this year.

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