Video Shows Cop Forcibly Cutting Woman’s Hair While She Was Restrained In A Chair

Source: Dave Bartkowiak Jr. /

WARREN, Mich. – A Warren police officer has been fired after a confrontation with a woman which led to the officer cutting the woman’s hair.

Charda Gregory, of Detroit, was arrested for allegedly damaging a motel room and then damaging a police car.

Police video shows officer Bernadette Najor cutting Gregory’s hair weave while Gregory is restrained in a chair. She reportedly did it to reduce the risk of suicide.

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  • PNA

    We also cut the hair of Army recruits (at least the men) before “hazing” (initiating) them. Those incarcerated in camps during the Holocaust had their heads shaved, regardless of gender. There’s obvious significance to this act…it’s dehumanizing and violates this woman’s bodily integrity. Disgusting.

  • Baub OneGod Bidon

    Everybody responsible should’ve gotten fired… it was a team effort amongs the guards. Very sad 🙁