WATCH: Rev. Bernice King’s Full Press Conference At Ebenezer Baptist Church


ATLANTA — At the King Center, there is on display a replica of the Nobel Peace Prize won by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1964. Dr. King’s Bible had been on display there until President Obama borrowed it to take his second oath of office last year.

Dr. King’s youngest child, Bernice King, says her two older brothers — Dexter King and Martin Luther King III– want to sell the Bible and the Nobel medallion.

“Those two items are sacred,” Bernice King said Thursday.

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    While I personally don’t think the bible and medal should be sold, that is only my personal opinion. However, this is ultimately a battle of EGOS within this family– supported by their conflicting rationales. I have heard Bernice’s case yet it just seems also like an attempt to use religion, in an effort to appear more righteous to only further her cause. The only thing she has on her side is her opinion and those that support her and like wise for the brothers. I disagree with her that her father or parents are CONCERNED WITH A FREAKIN MEDAL AND BIBLE. They are deceased and even if one believes in the spiritual world, the matters of this earth surrounding money and material items is folly and illusion. This earth is transitory. If they can not work this out then a court will and based upon what she too has agreed with regard to matter of items belonging to an estate, it will be worked out and decided. Whatever is decided is right and should be accepted. Otherwise, this is just a battle of control and egos, and for Ms Bernice, stop using GOD and RELIGION to validate your perspective as if it is more on your side than your brothers. THIS IS SO MESSY and IMMATURE.