What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial?

Room for a whole flock of chickens, Terry Crews, a grand piano and the Muppets, but no room for boring. Sing along and see the all-new Toyota Highlander in the roomiest Big Game Ad of all time!

Jerry Ricecake Superbowl Commercial Jerry Ricecake Superbowl Commercial

The only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here. Watch and discover why #AmericaIsBeautiful.

When families eat breakfast together, amazing things can happen.

Watch Coca-Cola’s Game Day ad about an American underdog chasing his dream. As a company that believes every kid should have this opportunity, Coca-Cola has donated $50,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Watch Budweiser’s Super Bowl XLVIII commercial following the special friendship between the Clydesdales and a puppy. #BestBuds budweiser.com

Mr. Smith is in for a surprise when Jimmy invites him into the time machine. Version 2. See our Facebook fan page at: VoteTimeMachine.com

Mcdonalds Super Bowl 2014 Commercial – Lip Reading

News for Maserati’s cinematic Super Bowl advert

Arnold is warming up and getting ready for Super Bowl 2014. Advertiser Budweiser Agency BBDO Mood Funny Tagline Whatever is Coming Music Counting Stars – O.

An unsuspecting couple meets Morpheus at a valet stand. He presents them with two choices: a red key or a blue key. Should they choose wisely, they’ll never look at luxury—or Kia—the same again.