What Happens When A Black Man And A White Man Try To Break Into The Same Car (VIDEO)

Source: Cate Matthews / The Huffington Post

The man trying to get into Jason Roberts‘ car was clearly a professional.

His movements were quick, skilled and evidently practiced. He began to attract the notice of skeptical onlookers. Who was that man breaking into the Mazda? Shouldn’t someone do something?

A “professional” was exactly what he was, and, having called AAA for help getting into his locked car, Roberts expected nothing less. He was, however, unnerved by the stares of the people questioning the motives of a mechanic who was only trying to help. Then it hit him — they were suspicious because, unlike him, the mechanic was black.

Roberts, a host on the YouTube channel Simple Misfits, decided to replicate the situation, this time camera in hand, so that everyone could witness the same unacceptable double standard that he had. He didn’t realize how intense the response would be. Watch the video below to see for yourself (warning: NSFW language).

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  • MLA

    *sigh* You know those n—— are always up to no good. That’s why the cop had to step in when the black guy was the car whose alarm went off.

    • Sieben713

      your comments are IGNORANT and show your STUPID mentality

      • gigantic dong

        white guilt oh my

      • mj

        I’m assuming MLA is being sarcastic.

  • Sieben713

    Tell me you are surprised ? America is still in the neanderthal age when it comes to Racism. Pathetic

  • Fairwayqueen

    This is a perfect example of why more blacks get accused of crimes, when whites do the same thing, or more, and get away. Look who is being watched. The same applies in shoplifting. What black person, in their right mind, will attempt to break into a car in broad daylight, with so many whites walking around.
    Judging by the behavior of the police, the poor guy was tried and convicted.

  • Joseph Johnson

    This is typical of the way American white society looks at African Americans in our country. They forget about past when blacks help build this country many Blacks were lynched ,murder, and beaten unjustly.Now they have a law which is used as mechanism to use violence against African Americans it is called Stand your ground.Black Americans have always been assumed to look guilty even if they have done nothing,For whites it just the opposite oh the poor man has locked himself out of his car. Wake up Americans we cannot afford to have a revolution in America . For the people with these racist attitudes you need JESUS.