Zimmerman: President Obama Spoke About Trayvon Martin Just To Win Votes

Source: Tommy Christopher / Mediaite

Unemployed, “homeless” artist George Zimmermanhas roared back into the news on the strength of apair of interviews timed with the trial of Michael Dunnfor the murder of Jordan Davis. In both interviews, Zimmerman expressed disappointment withPresident Obama, telling CNN that he felt like a “scapegoat,” but going much further with Here and Now‘s Ilia Calderon, telling her that when President Obama spoke about the killing of Trayvon Martin, he did it simply to gain votes.

The week that Trayvon Martin’s killing became a huge national news story, President Obama spoke about the tragedy from the Rose Garden of the White House, expressing empathy for the slain teenager’s parents with the now-famous observation that “if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

According to the translation provided by Univision, Calderon asked Zimmerman how he felt about the President’s remarks, and Zimmerman said he was “Upset, sad, disappointed.”

“I was a huge supporter of President Obama,” he continued, “and all my friends, my family knew it, they knew it, and when everything first came out and people started to send petitions to the White House, the spokesman, Jay Carney, said that this is a state case, we aren’t going to do, the United States and the federal government have no business commenting about this, about this investigation. And then suddenly the President, with the election almost here, decided to make a comment that seemed to me, that seemed unfair to me, especially, after saying that they weren’t going to comment.”

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  • Ebony

    He was already president you moron!

    • Candice Bob Thomas

      I totally don’t support Zimmerman… he is a murderer… but I believe he is referring to the re-election of our President. Trayvon was killed in Feb 2012, the re-election was in November 2012.

      • Ebony

        He was still the president. I was running for RE-election, so he was still president.

        • Candice Bob Thomas

          I am not saying that he wasn’t the president, nor am I saying you didn’t know that. The point I am making is, that it’s valid for Zimmerman to make his statement about the election, because Obama spoke on in during his second campaign. President or not, he still had to run, and win. He could have easily lost, Zimmerman’s feels he used it to gain voters. I more so think it wouldn’t have gained him new voters, but that it would make people who voted for him the first time to show back up to the poles. B/c people can get complacent and just relax and assume he was a shoe in for a second term. Which in reality he wasn’t especially with all the capital hill drama that occurred during his first term in office. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, so he did what he had to do, and I do think he capitalized on the Zimmerman case, just as all politicians capitalize on all situations, i.e. war heroes who come home to no job, or out of work people who can’t pay the bills, or parents who can’t afford their kids doctor bills. They all play the game of politics 🙂

          • If he was really trying to get votes, or not lose votes, he probably would have treated the Trayvon Martin situation like he treated the Troy Davis situation: by saying nothing. Pres. Obama was pretty much made to express his comments publically by many in the Black Community. He learned from the Skip Gates incident.

          • Candice Bob Thomas

            I can agree that the pressure probably did get to him, and he had to speak out. However, as we know, there are often a multitude of reasons why we all do things, no telling how many other “issues/pressures” factored into his decision to speak on it. Or for that matter not to speak on so many other topics.

    • Jin

      Re-Election. You Moron!

      • Ebony

        LOL, he was still the president. He was running for RE-election.