3.16.2014 Sermon Notes: Rev. Dr. N.A. Tate, “When Was The Last Time You Were Amazed By God”

2014/03/16 Sermon Notes

Heritage Fellowship Church, Reston, VA
Rev. Dr. N.A. Tate
Mark 6:1-6
Focus on Verse 2

“When Was The Last Time You Were Amazed By God”

– Mark is a book of action. God is moving everywhere.
– By Chapter 6 Jesus has been baptized by John
– If some heard and were astonished and some didn’t hear and we’re not impressed.
– Some rejected the man and the message

1. He is rejected because there is a recognition of the connection they had with Jesus. (See verse 3).
– they didn’t want to hear because with their eyes they recognized this is Mary and Joseph’s son.
– Sometimes it’s difficult to minster to people who are too close to you.
– Familiarity can breed contempt.
– He was also rejected because of where he was from.
– A preacher’s personality comes out in his personality. Jesus was rough and tough. Even at his age he speaks with authority.
– They were putting Jesus down from being from the same place they were from.
– Jesus was the oldest son of Mary and Joseph.
– Turn to Luke 4:18-19. Jesus told them he was the Messiah and they ran him out of town.
– Go back to Mark 6. Jesus said his hands were tied due to the unfaithful. When we praise Him in His presence His power shows up.
– the question is when was the last time Jesus amazed you.
– What would it take for you to believe that God is still in the miracle business.
– We should be amazed daily by God’s forgiveness.
– We should be amazed by the twins of grace and mercy.