Bernice King To Comply With Court Order To Give Up Nobel Prize And Bible Until Final Ruling On Sale


Source: Ernie Suggs / Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Saying that she has already won “the moral high ground,” Bernice King said she would surrender her father’s Nobel Peace Prize and Bible until a court decides whether or not her brothers, Dexter King and Martin King III, should be allowed to sell them.

“I have been led by the Holy Spirit to comply with the court order,” Bernice King said Thursday at a press conference at Ebenezer Baptist Church. “This is not a set back, but an opportunity for my brothers to do what their conscience says is right.”

Last month, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert C. I. McBurney ordered Bernice King to surrender the items to the King Estate for safekeeping until he makes a ruling.

In January, the trustees of the King Estate voted 2-1 to sell the items. Bernice King voted against her brothers, Dexter King and Martin Luther King III.

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  • fhall

    I am with Bernice, I think it is a shame to sell these items, maybe giving them to a museum would be acceptable. But to sell them? Are they broke and need the money that badly? Everything should not be for sale.

  • Harriet

    I’m glad Dr. King is not here to see this.

  • M Allen

    Wow how disturbing this is and how tragic they are uptight for money.

  • <3 BROKEN

    This is pure unadulterated insanity!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant begin to imagine how Bernice feels, nor can I image how on earth these “brothers” feel that this is a justified act. Dr. Kings legacy and name should mean more to his “sons” than mere dollars and cents.
    “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”

  • steel

    They can very well be broke. The economy is messed up and no one’s giving them money because they are Dr.King’s Children. There father would want them to do so.

    • Suze

      They should be willing to give up their lives rather than sell their father most private items. This reaches a level of disrespect that is unheard of within other communities. I will never understand this.

  • Suze

    Bigger question is who wants to buy it. I personally think to even discuss such a thing is beyond “out of their minds”. However, the person (s) interested in purchasing Dr. Kings most private items, also begs into question, and what I cannot understand is why his SONS would entertain the thought of selling it to anyone. What is wrong, doesn’t anyone have any respect for the people who fought and died to give us the freedoms we now have. Do we ever see people of other cultures relinquishing items their culture suffered for see any of them. What ever happened to pride, respect and overwhelming pride in a man that was not only their father, but the father of the civil rights movement. Dr. Kings items should remain with his family members, until and unless there are no longer any family members living (nieces, nephews, grand children great grandchildren, etc.. After which time, it should be placed in a national archive. Dr. Kings bible was used to swear in the first African American President twice. Doesn’t that count for something. I personally stand with Bernice and absolutely feel her pain and anguish regarding her brothers behavior. Per my initial statement, “Who is interested in purchasing the items, and for what reason”?. Truly this would literally kill many African Americans, if Dr. Kings possessions were on display in a disrespectful manner. Which is exactly the way it will go. Anyone with intentions of honorably purchasing Dr. Kings items for historical references, would understand that where they are is exactly where they should remain. Since Dr. Kings death, so much has been done to sully not only his name but his image. For instance in every city, their is a Martin Luther King Blvd. On these boulevards, you can do nothing more than purchase drugs, guns or engage in any type of crime possible and no one seems to want things to change. This not only displeases those of us who followed Dr. King, but also serves as an issue of absolute disrespect to the black community as a whole. At this point, we can only hope and pray that the judge finds this overt attempt to disrespect Dr. King, an outrage and refuse to participate in the carnage of his name.