Congressional Candidate Apologizes For Slavery Comments

Source:  Paige Lavender / The Huffington Post

Arizona Congressional candidate Jim Brown (R) has apologized for comparing entitlements to slavery in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

Brown wrote a post urging people to “think seriously about how slavery really works.”

“Basically slave owners took pretty good care of their slaves and livestock and this kept business rolling along,” Brown wrote.

Brown went on to say entitlements are a means of enslaving people “by robbing opportunity while taking care of basic needs.” (See Brown’s entire post at ThinkProgress.)

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  • Mj

    After they see how their comments affect their political run then they want to apologize. They get so caught up in their little world and think that everyone thinks like their racist backwards thinking friends. The corporations and greedy politicians are destroying this country.

  • Ingrid

    I’m so tired of politicians making racist comments that they really mean then back stepping to apologize. They do it because they get away with it. “Oh let me say what I really think and feel. If I apologize later everything will be okay.” We ruin Paula Deen’s business, but don’t hold the politicians accountable.